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It is our heartfelt intention to establish a positive foundation and support system in our organization based on enthusiasm, excellence, and, empowerment so that we may help cultivate and expand the mind of women and girls so that they may experience the freedom of breaking generational cycles.

- Embrace Destiny Inc.


Our Mission

Embrace Destiny Inc. provides an enriching platform to under-served girls and women promoting  self-sufficiency through a foundation built on self-empowerment, financial literacy, health and wellness and aligning your destiny.  

Our Vision

Embrace Destiny's vision is to cultivate girls and women to reach their highest potential by providing resources and teaching strategies to navigate their challenge within their enviroment. 

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Embrace Destiny Inc.

Email: info@embracedestiny.org

Phone: 202-417-8876

Registered Charity: 83-0964306

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